Friday, December 09, 2005


Hello, and welcome to Friday. Today we will be preparing for the weekend and making sure that we're not stressing out Sunday morning. Some of the tasks that this includes are preparing for the Junior High Sunday School class, the 2-4 year old children's church, and generally making sure that we are mentally sane.

Alternatively, we need to make sure that our James course continues with the recent progress, meaning some time in the Library, as well as reading an journalling on our thoughts. The goal is to have this finished by Christmas, so make sure that you keep working on it!

Finally, there are some smaller tasks, like confirming your preaching appointment on the 15th of January in Big Valley, setting up coffee with someone who really just needs to chat, finding a hotel that is suitable for the youth sponsor retreat in early January, and goofing off.

As we read this morning, it's important to just be patient and let God work in your life. This means clinging close to Him, and trusting that He ultimately knows what is best for us. If we ask for strength in the midst of trial, He promises to always give it to us. So the question is... do we?

Good luck :D


Sis said...

Have fun with the 2-4 year olds... i expect a detailed blog entry on that!!! It'll be good prep for Uncle Stephen when he volunteers to take Carys for a week when she's 2! :)

Stephen said...

I believe it goes something like... adult? What adult? No no, I'm a kid! I like to have fun! The grade 5's have been good preparation... now it's time for me to find out if I can stand up to the big guns ;)