Sunday, January 28, 2007

Church in a Different Culture is…

The end of my second day draws to a close; a strangely comfortably cool close. You’d think that being in a foreign climate would make you sweat bullets and wish for a bath of cold ice water. I’m really not finding that the case. To be completely honest, I’ve been hotter in the middle of summer in Saskatchewan. Perhaps Saskatchewan really is the closest place on earth to Hell! (that one is for all my cousins in Sask!)

While all of my friends and family were busy enjoying their Saturday, I got up around 9:30 this morning to get ready for my first Fijian church service. Naturally, I was completely unsure of what to expect, as so many of these things are new to me. You know what I discovered? This church is a lot like home, with a lot less white representation! It was neat to see them mix in their own culture with the familiar boundaries of faith.

I spent most of the afternoon reading and relaxing.

This evening, we went back to church for the evening service, which was a time of sharing. I was privileged to lead of with my own personal testimony, and I even managed to keep it under seven minutes. I’m not sure when I got so wordy; I remember the times when I had to force myself to keep talking so I could get to five minutes. Funny what a pulpit does to a person, eh? Look out!

And in the evening, I went out with Jong, Mimi and Sebastian for dinner. Three other people that are about my age, two of whom are married (Mimi and Sebastian, obviously!). Again, it is amazing how refreshing it is to talk to people my own age and just enjoy each others company. Friendships are so important!

I’m also getting a little more perspective on the Fijian people, and I think I have a little more hope than what I’ve been told for whom they are and what can be done. Time will tell if my hopes and dreams are true, or merely being completely naive. I will continue to observe!

Always trust in God, He’s faithful!

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Lorelei said...

You had to work to keep talking for 5 minutes? Hmm... I don't remember that!! :)