Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stephen Philps - Sermonator

Over the past day or so, I've been writing the sermon for Sunday. Not only is this insanely early for someone to write a sermon... but it's more or less done now! Those of you on my MSN have seen 'sermonating' on my display name, and to quote one of my good friends, Pam... I'm a sermonator. She took much glee in that!

I'm speaking on James 5:7-11. I thought about including verse 12, but in the end opted not to, just because of theme, time, and it would require another change in speed and thought. Didn't work with where I was wanting to go. Now I'm only mostly busy!

Last night I had Futsal again for the first time in the year. Things are going much better than when I left, but I'm still working through some mental flinching that I'm doing. Really wierd. It was fun, and I'm looking forward to getting my cardio back in shape. For Lorelei: I've been doing my exercises! It hurts everywhere! :D Floor Hockey tonight.


The trainer said...

Good pain... only good pain....

Pastor Kevin said...

I went with Stephen to that service, to offer some insights and be a sounding board...Reminded me of our beginning in a small town small church. There are some great dynamics there. The kid did alright, sermon was okay, but his abilities with people after the sermon stood out. Stephen demonstrates the kind of winsome attitude that makes small town ministry (and big city ministry for that matter) work. You have to be able to put people at ease - and Stephen, you showed that ability well! I was proud.