Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Watching...and learning

Stephen has been doing great.
We've talked about sincerity as one of the keys to NOT being perceived as flattering so I'd best explain. The other day we were both stressed - not caused by each other mind you, just both of us in a stressful spot. Some of the conversation was curt - not rude, just curt. I opened my email to read an apology - which prompted an apology of my own too. We spend a lot of time in each other's space - that's a necessity for what we're attempting but it can also create some tensions of its own. I was so blessed by his initiative apology that I thought I'd better record the feeling for posterity. I got an email the other day that suggested we tend to be more patient with strangers than with kin, more undersatnding of people we know less than those we know better. In our situation it's important that we communicate clearly (I'm afraid I don't always) and that we keep short accounts. Those things are tough but I think that we are bvoth growing. That is to say I know that I am and pray that somehow Stephen is too.

On another note (cuz it'll take me another 6 weeks to get to posting again)...
I am delighted at the way I see people responding to Stephen. At our staff retreat the last couple of days he has had some great ideas, and everyone recognized them and appreciates him. The kid has a lot to offer and I'm excited to see where the Lord will take him when this phase of training is over. It's a great privilege to pray for direction in his life, knowing that his Master has great things in store for Stephen.

Sure having fun at this retreat...

- Kevin

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