Friday, July 21, 2006

Learning, Always Learning

It's been a good week. Not particularly hard in any single aspect, but frustrating in quite a few. I've been working on my Distance Education, and I think it's pretty clear what that brings -- a serious lack of motivation. It's hard to step back into the student mode when I'm immersed in an environment that is very different. It's hard to have your head in the clouds when your spirit is on the plains.

What can you do? Just keep plugging away and take advantage of those few moments when you actually ARE motivated to do the work!

God has been teaching me through the Psalms that He is definitely a just God. It's intriguing to see David's interactions with God in all of the various situations, and the trust that he puts in God. There is no doubt that God will rescue him and deliver him from his oppressors. Why? Because he is following in God's path. In those times when David has strayed from the path, he repents with a bent knee and head. It's a very intriguing look into faith. Complete trust, complete faith. God can, and will deliver David, because God is righteous, and He brings judgment to all who aren't.

What does that do to our thoughts on salvation?

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