Monday, July 17, 2006

Sometimes You Just Need a Break

The past two weeks have been crazy, I'm not sure if anyone could really argue with that. From the funeral, to Dave's wedding, to preaching, and then leading right into the soccer camp... I had about enough of people! But then I went to Edmonton for Friday night and Saturday.

Friday night I went to Laura's birthday party. It'd been about a year since I'd seen her, and longer before that, so it was a priority for me to make it up to Edmonton to get to her party. Sometimes keeping in touch with people from a long time ago is really worth it, and this is one of those situations. It was a lot of fun to see the different kind of people that she had befriended over the years, and get to talk with a lot of them. A very diverse group! I was there for about 5 hours, and by the time I left, I was done! So naturally, I had an hour or two long conversation with Jordan when I got home (am I nuts?).

Saturday was about as crazy, if with less unfamiliar people. Josh and I met at 11 in WEM, and went for lunch and then to go see Pirates. It was good to talk to him again, because we are so busy when I'm not around that it's hard to actually have a good conversation, especially when we're not looking each other in the face. Good friends are hard to come by.

That evening, I went out with Josh's fiance and future (waaaay off in the future) sister-in-law for ice cream. And the cone I had was nuts. We went to the marble something or other for ice cream, and I had a HUGE scor cone with smarties and cookie-dough. I barely finished it, but I had a good chat with the girls... once again, good friends are hard to come by!

Sunday wasn't really all that stressing, it was more that my introvert side needed a serious break. I did the announcements in the morning, and that afternoon, we had a church picnic out at Pine lake. I was out there for about 4 hours, and by the end of it, I was SUPER tired. I came back to Three Hills and could barely carry on a conversation, so I just spent some time to myself, playing some games and whatever. Refreshing!

Some things I'm learning about being a Pastor -- there is never really a break. You cherish the times you can have off and to yourselves very dearly, because they don't come very often. Party hard! I'm also learning that there is always an abundance of work to do, when you are dealing with people, you are never in the clear, so use your time wisely.

Saturday also marked 3 months for Jordan, a small milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. I wonder what the next 3 will bring!

God is good :)

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