Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Different View

After 4 months with Marilyn and Bruce, I moved out of their house last night. It was a splendid time filled with good laughs, and lots of different learning experiences. It's always neat to get a snapshot of different people and see what their marriage, life, and view on the church truly is. I know that I've made friends that I'll want to keep for the rest of my life, and they offer some really great insights that I might personally never have thought of.

Last night I moved in with a new family. Already, it's been more than worth it. The place has a homey feel to it, and I've more or less got the basement all to myself. I know I slept well last night, so that's always a good sign if I wasn't familiar with the place. And I've had some great conversations with Marina, so I'm looking forward to it!

I trust you're all doing well!

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Sis said...

Hey kid! Good to hear what you're up too. We need to catch up. I'll give you a ring once my shifts are over!