Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Times and Life of Stephen

Woowee! What an exciting weekend. I'm telling you, this one has been a real killer. It might just change your life... FOREVER. Just to set the tone, let me start you off with a song that has been a real staple in my life over the past... 6 years! :)

Melanie Doane

I've been sleeping
under the beanstalk
and I've been dreaming
of something big
I don't know how
but I could swear
I'm on my way somewhere
Awake the giant
awake, awake

Hey Goliath
oh you're no bigger
You're no bigger than me

I know I've got something
inside of me
Just like I know you've got
something inside of you
It might be hard
but if we dare
we're on our way somewhere
Awake the giant
awake, awake

Hey Goliath
oh you're no bigger
You're no bigger than me

Say the words you have swallowed
See the visions
in you're mind's eye
Do what you feel in your heart
Awake the giant in you

I've been waiting
for a signal
for something to tell me
everything's all right
But now I see
it's up to me
No one else can fight this fight

Yup... that about sums it up. This past Friday, I was awaiting a final checklist, which was going to tell me which two distance education courses I needed to take in order to be finished. When I finally got ahold of the checklist, it turns out that I have seven... read that, seven courses to finish. Now... I was planning on appleing (experiential learning for credits) one of them, so that still leaves me with six. Four more than I had been expecting!

Needless to say, Stephen was more than a little stressed out. I've been working this over the whole weekend and it's had no real benefit, other than God saying... "Wait Stephen. I've got it all planned out, so just wait and trust me." So I'm trusting. I'm hating every moment of it, but I'm trusting that God is working out His perfect, infallible, omniscient, all-powerful will in my life.

I have faith that this will all work itself out, and when push comes to shove, I'll walk out of it in just the way that God intended. For all of you out there... you can hold me to that! Because I can almost guarantee I won't remember.

I'm gone tomorrow and Tuesday out to River's Edge camp to take the second half of the coaching seminar. I'll be back Tuesday night... but feel free to call me if you'd like to talk.

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