Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Things Start to Fall into Place

I woke up this morning to a beautiful snowing Three Hills. Nice, big, wet snowflakes covered the whole town for most of the morning! We must have gotten over a foot in just a few short hours. It finally feels like winter is here! I love this weather.

Today, I finished up some loose paperwork, getting my internship review finished, and the DE assignment that they wanted to finish Revelation and Scripture. So both of those are now done, and I took out my remaining DE course. That will leave me with three.

From there, I went and talked to Dr. Punter, the Dean at Prairie. We had a great chat, and it's been encouraging to feel listened to in the whole course debacle. While there is nothing we can do course wise, he's going to see what can be done re: financial assistance. It's been a good process all in all.

Afterwards, Jordan and I spent some time sliding around the roads of Three Hills... in a completely legal way (*cough*). The roads were definetely good for it! :D

Hockey and Andrew's tonight!

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