Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh My Word

I think the title says it all. I'm not really sure how to describe myself right now. I'm a mix of all sorts of things. I can't seem to put a finger on what it is that I'm feeling, but I know that I'm very much in a state of flux. All the students left approximately 2 weeks ago, and most of those that will be staying here for the summer are gone on one tour or another right now, which leaves nearly no one my age in town! Yee haa!

Beyond that, I'm just about half-way through my 4 week sermon series, and I'm suffering from some serious 'writer's block,' and a lack of motivation to actually sit down and write out the thoughts that are floating through my head. I just want to veg, but I can't afford to. Quite the interesting dichotomy that is me!

Lonely, frustrated with myself, and hoping that I get another breath of fresh air! Peace... peace that God overcomes all. That's what I'm preaching on. Appropriate, eh?

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Bonnie said...

Hey Stephen! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Be sure to take a little time for yourself tomorrow and do something fun.

P.S. - I'm sending you a birthday hug.