Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Small Joys

It's been a good day. Last night we had our board meeting (DURING THE HOCKEY GAME !?!!), but it was valuable to be there. I got unanimous approval for the idea of a young adults/sr. high worship service (shh... don't call it a service) to be held here at Bethel. Now I just need to get around to organizing, and forming the group of pastors that will give it direction and leadership! It's an exciting time.

Today I met with Derek, as usual. It's fun to have a regular time to get together and talk about where we are both at. I continue to pray for him, and have been enjoying our regular chats.

And this afternoon I taught religious ed at the town school. I've really missed seeing those kids! It's awesome to have the opportunity to share the Bible with kids who may not have heard it before, and who are excited about the story. We talked about Jonah today, and they just constantly make me laugh! Whenever I walk in, there's a few that just come to give me hugs. Speaking of times of refreshing!

God rocks!

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