Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday, nearly there!

Fridays have no longer become the 'end' of the week for me. That comes Sunday night, when youth finishes and I can take a little bit of a breather, and know I can sleep in on Monday. Then we start all over again on Tuesday. It's a never ending cycle, and you just try to keep improving things a little bit at a time.

It makes me think of the movie Groundhog Day. The day repeats over... and over... and over... and everytime he gets to choose a different path, and different way to do things. The only difference is with that movie, your actions have no consequences, you start with a fresh plate every day.

In life, every week resets, but you hope you can build off of the previous one so one step at a time you can get all the work you need to do done, and make it better for the coming week!

Somehow this is exciting. Don't ask me how.

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