Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sore and Loving it!

I had a good opportunity last night to help with laying some sod. Marilyn's son had bought something like 11 pallets of sod (average is 5-6), and he needed some guys to help him lay it down. So I popped out there with about 9 other guys and we worked for about 2 hours to get most of those pallets down and covered his whole yard. It was a really good time, and I got pizza out of the deal.

So naturally, my body is a little sore today... which is totally awesome. I wish I had more activities like that where I could get out and throw my body at something and tell it to keep going when it was tired. I really enjoyed it, and I'm enjoying the pain too!

In other news, there's a good chance that the problem I'm having with my car's transmission is just a faulty brake switch and nothing more. I'm hoping that's what it is, because I'm doing my absolute best to trust God with all of my worries, especially financially. He takes care of the sparrow, and he'll take care of me too. Easier said than followed.

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