Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gossip, Slander ... It's No Big Deal, Right?

1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report:


1. idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others


These are two words that most Christians are completely ignorant about, but should be very, very familiar with. It is interesting how whenever Christians are gathered in a place for long, this becomes one of the main cesspools that grows and matures into it's own full-fledged culture. We are all so interested in someone else's business, and quickly forget that it really has nothing to do with us. Unless we are directly involved in the situation, we need to stay out of it and let those who are in the situation, or in leadership, deal with the problem.

Going to a Bible college really awoke this realization in me. Very few people fully understand the damage that is done by gossiping with someone else. Words can truly cut deep, and their affects have a long-lasting scar. The Bible is quick and swift with it's dealing of gossip, yet we allow it to persist and downplay it as though it were no big deal.

It's a cancer, and we desperately need to cut it out.

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