Thursday, September 07, 2006

4 Tires

I ran into Lacombe today to get a used tire and rim for the Golf. As it turns out, the previous owner had done a real number on one of the rims, and the tire wall had a fairly significant bulge in it. Just to make that clear ... bulge = tire blowout = bad. So I found a comparable used tire today with similar tread wear, and a steel rim. Everything is in great shape.

The beauty of it all... $70 bucks. I was expecting $100+ and it came out much cheaper than I was planning, which is ALWAYS a nice surprise. The only downside is I now have 3 nice VW rims, and one steel one, but I figure the 200+ dollars that a new VW rim would cost me just isn't worth it. I'll live with the black and buy some nice ones in the spring.

I'm loving this car, and so thankful that it came at a time when I could afford it. It's definetely a keeper, and I have a feeling I'll have this car for quite some time. God is sure faithful with things like that, eh?

In other news, there is a ministry fair tomorrow at Prairie that I'll get ready for tonight. I'm hoping to find some students to help out with the River, and to commit to Sunday School. It would be an awesome experience for everyone involved if the students could build into our kids. I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

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Good luck kid.. hope you find the right people!