Saturday, September 23, 2006

Children's Ministry Thus Far

We started The River (Bethel's Children's Ministry Program) last week, and it was really nice to just get things rolling and have a little bit of momentum to move forward with. Unfortunately, I was trapped out in BC until Saturday, so I threw it all together Sunday Morning. Definetely not what I was planning on doing, but seemed to work out fine.

Part of my trouble with looking at the ministry and my enthusiasm was not really having a tangible sign of my progress. So I spent 5 hours working on the ministry... big deal, you could never really see any of that progress. Now that the program is started, I have some milestones to work towards and you can clearly see the dirt on my hands from the work.

Currently, I'm working towards getting the leader's binders together. These are some small group binders that the leaders will get every week, that will have the curriculum for that day inside, some pointers on leading small groups, questions that can facilitate conversation from the kids (rather than shutting it down), and some other great things (any ideas?). It will provide a central place for each of the small group leaders to gather the conversations of previous weeks together, and keep tabs on how their groups have been going. Now all that is left is to try it out and see if it works in the real world.

It's a lot easier for me to work on this when I can see some fruits of my labour.

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