Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday: The New Monday

Yesterday was so good. I got to sleep in till like noon, and it was the first day in nearly two weeks that I'd had the chance to do that. My body just about literally sighed with a sense of relief. The sense of waking up with a warm duvee over you, and wondering if you really should get up, or roll over and go back to sleep is a great feeling. Especially when it's at 11 AM.

This morning was a much different story. I don't know where along the way, but my body became accustomed to the snooze button. It will wake up once, and want 10 more minutes... and then it will be ready to get up. This is fine on a normal morning, because I generally plan for it. This morning, however, I remembered that I had tables I needed to set up for the Women's Ministry (which is going fantastic!).

So I went without breakfast, came whipping in at 5 after 9, and with two women giving me these disbelieving looks, I rushed through the gym and began to roll tables up into the sanctuary. It was a sight to behold! In the midst of that, I needed to do a little bit of computer consulting (go figure!). So in the course of 15 minutes, I got a DVD playing on the screens, rolled 3 tables up to the sanctuary and turn off a projector.

I know, I know. Big deal Stephen. But take this into account, I'm normally not even functional until like 9:30. So I was totally coherent and active at 9:05 AM Sharp! *pats back*

Ok, seriously. The rest of the day was spent working on some children's ministry stuff. I'm still tweaking the binder, and working on that. I got a bunch of e-mails off today that I've been meaning to write for quite some time, and got myself and another leader signed up for a Children's conference in October. It was a very productive day all around.

No matter how busy life gets, remember that it only take a few seconds to pray. Make that a part of your daily life, and it will become a habit. If it becomes a habit, you become a very powerful force for God!

Tomorrow will be one of those busy days. Meeting at 8 AM. Coffee with someone I've been counselling at 9. Service at 11 AM. Religious Ed at 2. It's going to be awesome!

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