Monday, September 25, 2006

Long-Distance Relationship

You know, I must have been off my rocker when Jordan and I started to date. At that point in time, we had only known each other for 3 months, and she was going to be in Mexico for about a year, and I wouldn't get to see her in that entire time unless I flew down there myself to see her. It would have been wild and crazy, and I'm really not sure that the whole relationship thing would have worked out.

Thankfully, however, she ended up coming back after a two week stint down there to work for the summer and make sure her foot was going to be ok and not need surgery. It gave us the time to really get to know one another and spend some real time together in a relationship, and I can't tell you how thankful I am for that.

Nearly two weeks ago now, I drove out to Peachland to surprise her for her birthday, and just before she left for Mexico. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to make it out there, because of some issues with my car and a VERY slow mechanic. But let's not get into that! I finally got on the road about 6 hours after I wanted to, at 5:30 PM.

Here was the problem... I knew that Jordan was planning on calling me that night to talk. Thankfully, it was Bible study night, so it wouldn't be until much later than normal, so that gave me some leeway to play with. When all was said and done, I gave her a call about 9 and said I was on some 'Very important ministry business. The stuff that I just can't talk about." I half snickered and half shook my head as I told her that, because I knew I'd be seeing her that night, but I didn't want to give her any hope that it might be true.

You see, Jordan is far too curious for her own good (one of the reasons I love her). Since I'd left two weeks earlier, she'd been constantly asking me if I was going to come out again (which I was planning on), and when I didn't say 'I won't' but only 'I can't' she called me on it. SERIOUSLY! Most girls would get the hint and give up!

So here I am, driving, and I have to tell her this story about 'very important ministry business.' So she asks me if she can pray for me, and I smile... what a gem! I told her at that point I was going to call her later that evening, probably very late, and continued to drive like the dickens.

I didn't get in until 2:30 AM Alberta time, and we were on the phone together for about an hour before I pulled up. So I snuck around into their back yard and up onto their deck... and asked Jordan what the moon was like out in Peachland. hehe. She walked out of her room, and the rest was history. Definitely worth it.

I ended up stranded there for a few extra days (bad for my work schedule, good for me and Jordan) while we worked out an engine bug... and we left at the same time. Me for Three Hills, her for Seattle, and ultimately Guadalajara. We spent time with her family, friends, dancing, watching movies, and generally just enjoying each others company.

Next time we'll get to be together... May '07. Strange how she's totally worth it.


Lorelei said...

hee hee... make sure you save this and put it in some deep dark corner to read 20 years from now!! :)

Stephen said...

You are my favourite sister of all time! I miss you, smelly girl!