Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Board and Breakfast Meetings

You guess which one is more fun! No really, take a wild guess. Well, chances are you guessed the second one, and to be honest, you're completely right. But that's not to say that Board Meetings at Bethel aren't a lot of fun, because in all reality, they actually are. That's one thing I've really appreciated while being at this church. The people are really open and honest with one another, and especially at a board meeting, it makes things really easy and smooth when you can say what you mean and not have to hide it. I'm not sure that I'll have that luxury at every church I'll be at.

We went through whether the church would move into a second service, or if we should stay to one. It has huge implications on the Children's ministry, as I will need to find double the volunteers without two services, and at this point in time, we will be sticking to one. I really think it's the right choice, with the lack of momentum the church has right now and the recent attendance. It just sucks for me, because we'll have to have double the volunteers!

Other than that, there were no real fireworks last night. They decided to redo the whole sound system and wiring upstairs, which is desperately needed, but will cost a bundle. However, the possibility of blowing all the sound equipment if this doesn't get done has a bigger implication.

Met with another pastor this morning about religious ed, and we got everything sorted out for this year, and how we're going to teach it. I'm excited about the fact that we've decided to tag-team the teaching, rather than switching back and forth. It means we get to actually know the kids, and also that we are both aware of what we teach and how we do it. We had our first class together this afternoon, and it went really well.

And on that note, God has really helped me to enjoy children more in the past few months. Even when they won't be quiet and just keep talking... they have this innocence about them. They really just want to be heard and have you listen to them. They want somebody to love them and care about what they do in their lives. Hopefully the Principle will be ok with us giving out a card with our contact information on it, so they can contact us if they have any questions beyond class. We are talking about Jesus and the New Testament this year... and that has huge evangelistic possibilities, but that all has to happen outside of the classroom for it to be legit.

Many cool things happening. Tomorrow, I work on my Children's Binders and hopefully get a good chunk of them done, so that they can continue to be functional for the leaders. Tonight, I phone Jordan and see how she's doing.

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