Sunday, November 06, 2005


This one is for my impatient sister... who doesn't realize that I was at a conference all day friday and saturday, and that I work today! I've only go this time because we set up early!

I've been at the Volunteer Revolution conference over the past few days, and I've learned quite a bit. Yet it's funny how all of these revolutionary concepts all seemed to be a part of my youth group.

Most of the conference focussed on helping people find where they truly belong based on what they enjoy, and how God has gifted them. Sounds pretty simple, eh? Yet it apparently is a huge deal. Finding place where people can serve, and helping them discover their gifts is really the big pusher. How can we help people discover their gifts in a non-threatening way. It was really quite good. More on it as I digest what I read and look over the notes.

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Mrs. Pastor Kevin said...

Well as for one who was left behind, I always enjoy watching people getting pumped over something and watching passion grow, but I'm a little selfish and just want my honey at home with me.