Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Desk of an Intern

So... as promised, here is my desk! That huge monstrosity is the 27" monitor that will be going in the sanctuary, but that I am currently enjoying! Apparently it has an 8ms responce time, but if you watch TV on it, there's a bit of ghosting on sports shows, etc. Not bad for an LCD though.

I've been cleaning my desk today, and I'm teaching the grade 5 religious ed class tomorrow. Good old Noah's Ark! Time to get cracking on that. Posted by Picasa


Pastor Kevin said...

Wow, so that's what it takes to get a clean desk from Steve...I'm not sure if the 27" LCD expense could be justified by the picture alone, but...
I should confess that screen's twin is hooked up to my progressive scan DVD at home...I think it performs best in that role but the church will probably want tit back once we get the ceiling mounts in :o(

I must confess, Steve makes good use if his!

Mrs. Pastor Kevin said...

Both of you boys are having wayyyyyy to much fun with these monitors!!!!! I can hardly wait till they are actually up in the sactuary!