Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Meaningless, Everything is Meaningless

I was reading through my devotions this morning, through Jeremiah 2:1-19. And as I read through In Quietness and Confidence by David Roper, it just became more and more clear to me. Roper in and of himself expands upon the whole subject quite nicely. Talking about how no matter how well you build your cistern, it's always going to leak. No matter how many hours you put, how much money, or how much planning you put in, it will always leak.

We live in a world that is desperate for more... and more... and more! Yet God clearly says throughout the Bible, it'll never be enough. No matter how much you'll gain, no matter what heights you may attain, it'll never be what you are truly looking for. We must come to the living stream. The one thing that can truly fulfill us.

That's what Jesus meant when he told the Samaritan woman that she would never thirst again. I can make you happy, I can fill that void that is within your soul. The one that everyone around you feels, that you are all so actively seeking out, I am that answer. It's a scary thought, because it means turning our backs on everything that we've held so dear. Instead, we do an about face and run straight for God, and run away from this world.

He may lead us into riches, He may lead us into power, but more often than not, we aren't called to that kind of a life. We are called into being His hands and feet to everyone. To do the small acts that build up over time to cause a revolution. That's challenging.

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