Monday, November 07, 2005

Learning about Youth Ministry

I was going to post something especially for my sister. Naturally, she'd be rolling her eyes, and saying such wonderful things such as 'Oh Brother' and other such beautiful insights. And being the bright lady that she is... it would have been about girls! haha, but I thought a second time about it, and instead I'll talk a little bit about what I've seen over the past week.

It was last thursday that I posted about being in chapel. I still continue to be amazed by it, and am still reflecting about it. It was incredible to be a part of that and just watch teens worship, when they are lead by other teens. We got back Friday night, ready to have a good night in the Gym, and what's funny... no one showed up.

Part of doing ministry in Three Hills is having to make amends for being put under by something else going on in town. In this case: Volleyball Tournament. There will be nights when things will go awesome, and nights when you won't have anyone show up, and you just have to take it as it comes.

What's particularly odd about the whole thing is that come Sunday Night for Fusion, we had an incredible turnout, with kids that came to particpate. The same set that the kids did for Thursday, they did Sunday night, and it went over well again. It was a different environment than previous weeks, and I'm not quite sure what the difference was. Perhaps it was because it was just youth leading worship, perhaps it was the time that got put into preparing it. Perhaps it was the prayer before? Perhaps....

Just some thoughts about youth ministries, and the different ups and downs. Tonight I've got Karate, and then hanging out with friends tonight. Back to the office tomorrow with staff meeting, and then lunch with one of the kids. I'm looking forward to that.

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Mrs. Pastor Kevin said...

This was your only blog without a comment, so I decided to write in it.
Once upon a time there was an intern. He learned many many things, one was that the pastors house can be loud, messy and you need to hone your foraging skills.