Thursday, February 08, 2007


For anyone wondering if I’m getting my fair share of adventures in while I’m here in Fiji, have no fear. Today contained enough adventures for weeks! I got up at 4:47 this morning (3 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off), to drive to the camp site down in Sigatoka and work on one of the cabins there. Four of us went down to work on the cabin, and once I woke up, it was actually a really fun time. Bau and I worked on ‘hurricanizing’ the cabin by putting in strips of sheet metal attached to the different planks. We had to expand the nail holes first, and then put on a special kind of nail that had a ‘button’ of sorts on the end. I’ll try to get some pictures up the next time I go down.

We worked for the entire morning on the cabin, from 6 up until about 10:30 when it started raining. In that time, Bau and I secured about 14 planks to the main frame, and ensured that the roof would not blow off by nailing the strips into some of the cross-supports. Nice to be using a hammer and getting a workout while enjoying the company of others.

On the way back, Sebastian txt’d me and told me to be at the airport at 1:30 PM, and I could go on a flight with him to one of the outer islands. Naturally, I was ALL over that. Unfortunately, the truck we were driving in had a ruptured coolant line, and we had to pull over. The funny part of this is that I attempted to hitchhike in order to get into town! No one picked me up, but I ended up catching a carrier van (like a taxi with bus rates) into town, and paying a taxi to take me to the BDC and then to the airport. It was quite the endeavour… and I made it in time despite Ken laughing that maybe it was divine providence that the van broke down and no one would pick me up.

Sebastian flew a couple out to Castaway Island, one of the resorts out here, and I had a chance to do some shallow-water snorkelling. VERY pretty fish under the water and the sand is nearly perfectly white! It was a super fun experience, and my first time here in the ocean water. It was like a warm swimming pool, and Sebastian tells me it’s actually really cold this time of year. I could handle that!

This evening, we went to Tu’s again for dinner, as one of the Canadian couples quit their flight jobs and were leaving on a plane to head home. One comment… drunk people are retarded, in a sadly funny way. They don’t make a lot of sense, their conversations go in circles, and they have no inhibitions about what they look like around other people. I was half laughing, and have standing in awe of what unfolded in front of me as both the couple and their friends proceeded to get completely plastered. I’m curious to know how they made it through customs!

Definitely some adventures to be had!

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Jordan said...

Indeed that does sound like an awesome adventure! I'd love to be there for that one! Hope you're still getting your daily dose of adventures!