Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Are you a Taxi?

Have you ever stopped to think about all the small analogies that surround us on a daily basis? Take a taxi for instance. Fiji is the second place in the world that I have ever ridden in a taxi… but it is the first time I’ve been the one paying. They travel throughout town, picking up people, and move on to their next destination, constantly seeking and never at rest… all in search of more money. Does that sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, money is the driver. The Fijian culture is one that does not pay back loans, and the concept of ‘borrowing’ is lacking at best. So what do the companies do? “Buy this large screen 58” HDTV for only 54 dollars a week!” Did I mention that Fiji only has one television station unless you get satellite? Honestly!? What is the point of that? Status!

This is where Christ stands so counter-culture. He was, and never will be about money. He’s all into the business of saving lives. What business are we into?

We drove back from Lami this morning. Uneventful taxi ride… but some seriously beautiful scenery. At one point, I was awed by the breaking waves over crystal blue sea on one side, and the rusty metal shanties on the other. The contrast is astounding. And the world rumbles on by.

The afternoon was spent checking my e-mail, talking with Lorelei (hi!) and Jordan (hi too!). Jordan’s parents finally made it down to Mexico to visit her, after a 6 day delay in the flight schedules. Quite the debacle, all in all. And then in the first conversation we’ve had in over a week… we ended up having a theological discussion. Why, you ask? I really don’t know. You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself, because I still don’t get it!

I ate dinner with Jong at his hotel, having lamb… and the best part, free! Gotta love free meals. Then he drove me back to the BDC for men’s bible study. Tomorrow… I relax. And maybe even see my beautiful little niece over the webcam!


Sis said...

you SERIOUSLY need to check the date on your blog... what is with June?? I am so confused! Maybe we'll catch you online tomorrow!xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The first question is--Why were you in a taxi? Good analogy! Keep looking for more insights. You have a unique ability to capture thoughts on paper. D

Stephen said...

You either take buses or taxis to get around in Fiji... I don't have a vehicle, so that's how you get around!