Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sometimes a New Country is Like a Cold Shower

Isn’t it amazing how God takes care of us even in the midst of uncertainty? Truly, He watches over the birds of the air and the blade of grass... and He watches over me. Orchestrated in the symphony of life, He knows what we need before we are even aware and always provides in just the right way! Today (and He is providing on a daily basis) He reminded me that He will always give me the company that I need to be fulfilled. Good friends make a world of difference.

I’ve now moved out on my own into the BDC, and it is something that I am actually really looking forward to! I have my own room, and it gives me my own private space to settle in and enjoy. It gives me some security when everything else is moving and shifting. I never realized it, but having your own space that you can exert a little bit of control over makes a humongous difference!

This evening, I ate at the very authentic, very Fijian... McDonalds! =) I was in a bit of a rush, so I figured some fast food wouldn’t hurt. While it is a bit of a taste of home, it lacks the ... taste of North America. How can McDonald’s taste any different, you ask? I don’t know, but it’s not as good as back home. It lacks that McDonalds twang that makes it so good, and yet so bad for you.

Jong met me there, and we came back to the BDC (Bethel Discipleship Centre, where I’m living) and I grabbed a few verses for the devotional tonight, and then we drove over to Meriam and Sebastian’s. The young adult gathering was there, and in typical Fijian style, we showed up on time, meaning about an hour early. The evening was a little awkward at first, but once we got the games going, the ice (I use that phrase loosely, because Fijian people only know ice for water) was broken and the laughter came out. We played a game where you had to act out or point to an object; it had a little computerized thing that kept track of the scores too. After that, I had to explain Taboo to a group of Fijians. You never realize how many Canadianisms there are in that game until you play it with people that have no idea who the Lone Ranger is.

Finally, some of the main differences between Fiji and Canada came out. Quite a few of the Fijians lacked the reading and grammar skills to really get the game at first. They were fine once some of the stronger ones picked up the game, but it wasn’t a fluent transition for any of them. We truly are blessed to have the educational system that we have!

Remember, God is faithful and He will ALWAYS provide!

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