Friday, February 02, 2007

Have You Ever Been in a Group of People When...

You felt completely alone. Friday nights is youth group here in Nadi, and this week was obviously my first week to be in attendance! It’s amazing how isolated you can feel in a room full of people when they are all speaking a different language and laughing about things that you don’t really understand. It gives me a new appreciation for those who have to learn to fit in with people who have been friends for a very long time!

I tried to get on the internet to get caught up today, and ended up taking a bus down to Jong’s hotel, since they normally have wireless that he offered to me. Lucky for me, however, they were redoing the entire network infrastructure, and it went down this morning! He gave me a fruit drink and a ride back to the BDC as compensation. Lol, at least I could to talk to someone my own age!

And today was really my first real tropical rain experience! Literally, it’s like God turned on a tap, and suddenly it is pouring rain. I love it! I was sitting in my room working on the computer, when suddenly I hear some drips out the window... and then it went into full drive about 5 seconds later. Fantastic!

Lesson learned today: Always work to include the odd man out. It’s lonely out there!

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Jordan said...

i know how you feel ill be praying for you that you get to know the people quickly