Monday, February 05, 2007

The Many Faces

Has it ever occurred to you how many different faces that we have in our country? There is the government, who is so polished and so professional, always working to make a positive impression on the populous. Then there are the corporations, lavishing in their power and money. There are the wealthy, who avoid anyone who does not fit into their financial bracket, but instead choose to hold parties for their friends while others die around them. There are the families, with their parents and children, sometimes happy, and sometimes the picture of anger. There are the homeless, wishing only to find a place to sleep and a meal to eat. Our culture has many different faces.

Fiji is no different. The only difference is that it is much more noticeable here, less segregated. I travelled around the south east of Fiji today with Ken, seeing some of the towns and different places. We first went to the missionary training centre to see a pastor from Australia that has come in to work with some of the men and teach. There were people from all over the south pacific there; all to learn about God and one day go out to make a difference in the world.

We then travelled into Suva, the capitol city of Fiji. One word… dirty; oil slicks from buses, uncleaned sidewalks, and far too many people for the infrastructure. All wrapped in a city that bustles around you, and people who are hurting… and I’m sure people who are wondering how they are going to put food on that table that night.

Can you see how these two relate? Do they coincide at any point in time? When does the gospel of Christ begin to make tangible differences in the life of people so that they can understand how Jesus wants to be a part of their life… personally. There are many, many challenges before this culture is even ready for that step, starting first with the church. These people desperately need to learn how to be salt and light, and how to make some basic choices in their own lives that will have vast effects on their well-being.

I’m not sure if this is the place for me, but whoever comes has a formidable job ahead of them. It’s not a short-term kind of thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tig! I am really enjoying your postings. It gives me a feel for yur experiences each day! Time must be flying. You are already into May! [Check dates]. It is cold here and getting colder. Enjoy and let God lead you and use you to bless those you come across. D

Lorelei said...

Sounds like there's lots of thinking and praying to be done. Do the churchs in Fiji have any Fijians leading? Just remember what that lady that I work with (not a Christian) passed along to me. She had such a favorable impression of the missionaries, how much they cared, the good work they did and how genuine they were. There are some good things happening there and I'm glad that you get to be a part of them!!

Stephen said...

The Native Fijians are pretty involved in the local churches, but a lot of them are not very spiritual developed. They need a foundation to be built and some good practical teaching for some life change.

Lots of potential... but only time will tell if that will translate into the next generation.