Thursday, February 22, 2007

Those Times When it is You and God

4:50 AM, and my alarm goes off. Thankfully, I had the chance to actually get up to my alarm this week, and so while the day started off especially early, at least it started off on a good note. Perhaps a sign of good things yet to come?

Thursday mornings are spent at the camp, working on the cabin that Ken is attempting to put up. It won’t be ready for the May camps, but they are hoping that with a few of the building crews, December is an option. Lots of work has to be done between now and then, but the value of overseas work crews begins to shine through when you think of 20 teenagers working 8 hours a day to build these cabins.

When I got into the back of the van, we had a lawnmower loaded as well, and so I knew it was going to be a good morning. I’m not sure why, but the prospect of taking care of a lawn is a lot more inviting than using a hammer to me. Something about helping something grow, rather than blunt force really makes an impression in my mind. And so, when we arrived at camp, I didn’t go to the cabin to begin hammering away, but started up the lawnmower and disappeared into my own world, where I like to be.

It reminded me of my summers at Sealy, when you’d get up at some ungodly hour and work for 3 hours before you even started to wake up. The difference here is that I’m pushing a lawnmower, rather than using a nail gun… you determine which one is safer to use while asleep! I had a few hours to do some mindless work, while I concentrated on thinking and praying about other matters. I actually revel in these opportunities. You have nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do… so you make the best of it by talking with the one person who really wants to hear from you: God. This was, by far, the best morning at camp so far.

We drove back to Nadi around 11, and after I made myself lunch, I went over to Jong’s to get into some A/C and talk to Dad and Jordan. I still had some unfinished conversations from yesterday, and it is important to get those conversations finished so that everyone is on the same page.

The evening was spent at one of the pilot’s homes, celebrating Ewing’s birthday… and he wasn’t even there. His girlfriend surprised him earlier today, but we decided to use the excuse to get together anyway. Good conversations, good people, and good food. Can’t complain about that.

It started right, and now the day is ending right. I think the conversations with God make that difference, what about you?

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