Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I think I'm Starting to Enjoy This

I'm in the process of taking Phys Ed through Prairie Distance Ed. That means that for 3 times a week, I need to have some form of strenuous exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes. Last week, I biked for 30 minutes, walked for over 3 hours (mowing the lawn), and ran for 30 minutes. You know how it goes. You feel great for the first 5 minutes, ok for the next 10, and then awful for the last 15.

So awful that you wonder why you started in the first place, no sane human being would truly do this to themselves and call it fun. It hurts, you want nothing more than to stop, but because of some invisible source (read: pride) you keep going. You keep going... and going... and going. Every second scrapes past you, taking an eternity to merely get on with it.

And we keep coming back for more.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I spent most of the morning working up to the inevitable 'work-out' that I was going to have to prod myself into later in the day. Deciding to get it over with sooner rather than later, I hopped onto a bike. Ten minutes went by... this isn't so bad, I thought. Maybe it was the iPod... yeah, that must be it. The iPod is making this more enjoyable.

Fool, it's sucking you in.

You're starting to enjoy it. Listen to yourself! You're talking positively as if this were fun when every single aching muscle in your body is BEGGING YOU TO STOP!

I got off. I felt good. There has to be something sinful about that.


Andrew said...

Wow, it sounds like you're having a great time. Don't you just love walking?? Try doing it for an hour with a laptop in your backpack... it's fun, trust me.

Bonnie said...

The question is... are you going to continue after the course is done?