Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Month

Its official, I’ve now been out of Canada for one month. Its crazy looking back on the drama and the lessons that God has been teaching me over this short period of time, and both exciting and terrifying to look forward to the next two and see what He’s going to do. There have been challenges and encouragements, reasons to muster faith, and reasons to doubt the reason I’m even here. But threaded into each situation is the unwavering faithfulness of God, standing by my side.

Never before in my life have I literally felt the prayers of others in my own life. To the many of you who are praying for me, I want you to know that I can feel it. It permeates my every conversation, the people that I talk to, the way that they react to me, and the spirit that overarches my ministry here. If I were to take liberty from Frank Peretti and bring the spiritual realm into practical terms, I’d have a battalion of angels that go with me each day. That cover that you give me, those prayers that you offer up to God are making a real, tangible, measurable difference… thank you!

We hosted Senior Youth tonight, all on Fiji time. Most of the kids arrive around eight, a whole hour later than the event was supposed to start. We played some theatre sports, had some snacks and laughed a lot! Fijian people are exceptionally expressive in everything that they do, but they won’t offer something until you ask them, unless they are comfortable with you. In many of the games that I play with them, it takes time for them to warm up, and only after numerous different encounters do they start to ‘let loose’ and be themselves.

I’m enjoying my time here, and I continue to pray and ask God for guidance in the future. Only He knows where I will end up, and I’ll keep trusting in that!

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