Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How Does One Relax in Fiji?

By phoning home, silly! I was awoken this morning by Ken (pre-9AM!) knocking on my door, and I think he carried on a bit of a conversation with me before he left again. I don’t really function earlier than that, especially on my days off, so it was a bit of a blur. I’m preaching on Sunday, I need to be ready to leave at 5 AM (that’s not a typo…) tomorrow to go do work at the camp, etc.

That ruined my hopes of sleeping in… so I got up, had a cold shower (that’ll wake you up!), and got ready to go for the day. My plans were to run into Nadi, and spend 2 hours at a local internet café phoning home, and that’s exactly what I did! I talked to Lorelei for 45 minutes, telling her in detail about what has been going on here, and the best ways to pray for me, and then hearing about what’s been going on back home. Amazing how just talking can make such a difference! I then talked to Jordan for about 20-25 minutes, hearing a little bit about how her week has been going, and sharing how Fiji has been. And then I phoned back to Three Hills and had a chat with my good friend Andrew. I miss our chats!

The early afternoon was awesome. I left the café generally just feeling good about life, and all because I had a good chance to talk to people back home. It’s amazing how hard it is to carry on without the support of others, I don’t know how the early missionaries did it.

The later afternoon was spent hanging out at the Tanoa hotel, in Jong’s flat (it’s not an apartment here!). I watched Spanglish, and just chilled. That’s my idea of a relaxing day off… no pressures, just enjoying life. And then I went for a quick dip in the pool. Nice to be swimming in a tropical environment!
Relaxed… and refreshed. I am blessed.

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