Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adventures of the Tourist Kind

What a great day. Certainly unique so far in my time here in Fiji. It is the first time I've been on a touristy thing since I got here. I got onto the boat, and I've never seen so many white people congregated in one place before!

And it is amazing how in these times, God will lead you to the right people. I got onto the boat in Denarau island, and sat down to a guy named Scott. He's an entrepreneur from America who's here for a motivational conference. About 10 minutes into the boatride (check the album) we got into a conversation about God. I'm learning from my time here that in order to have those kinds of conversations, you just have to be very blunt and very unashamed of what you believe in.

The day at Beachcomber was spent ... well, relaxing and talking with people. It's a bit of a backpackers resort, and while it is nice, the mean age of people there must about been 24. So I got to know people! I went snorkelling, and saw some really incredible fish. Neon blue starfish, yellow, green and white large fish and some that are the 'changing colour depending what angle you look at me' fish. It was gorgeous. I wish I had a camera that I could take pictures under water with me!

In the afternoon, I went out on a boat trip to see some of the coral farther out and the fish that were in them. Beautiful. The best part of that little jaunt, however was the feeding. They took bread and threw it in the water. Think piranha's but not the type that eat you. Hilarious as 50 some fish converge on a single piece of bread, and then one giant one scatters them all.

God created a wonderful and beautiful earth. I am priviledge to be able to see one part of it I never thought I would. From the coral fish to the beautiful warm ocean, there is so much diversity.

The most beautiful part of it all, however, and I'm biased in this, were the people. Not in the outward way, but in the inward. The Fijians were living up to what I would expect of them, being hilariously funny and overly friendly, both to the tourists and to each other. It's fascinating to watch. And the people, as I got to know them showed me how diverse this world is. People from America, Germany, England, etc. all coming together and being friends.

This wold definitely needed a saviour... and now we need to share it with them! Both in our actions, and in our words. Digging deep into people's lives and showing them how much God loves them!

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Andrew said...

I admire your consistency in writing blogs!! Keep it up... it is awesome to hear what you're experiencing and learning!
Thank you so much... you're a great inspiration!

Love ya!