Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Group Events

Having friends is crucial to the survival of any person. No matter how introverted you are, you need that safety net of people who want to be around you. This lights up especially when you are outside of your normal comfort zone, such as in another country. While I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly close with any one person here in Fiji, it is nice to know that in the end there are people to spend time with.

This evening a group of us got together for dinner and a movie. Most of the expatriates in this country are pilots, and tonight’s group definitely reflected that. Everyone other than Jong, Molly, Meriam and myself are here in the country to fly. They are a good group of people, but you have to keep in mind that none of them are even close to what you might consider ‘religious.’

It’s an enlightening experience to be in an environment where they feel free to be themselves, and it quickly brings forward the problem that most Christians back home have. You cannot truly be a light in the world unless you are in that world. Sure, it’s uncomfortable. Sure, it goes against what you have been told in the past. It means being around people with dirty mouths and lewd conversation. But it also means that you have to decide what you really believe in… because you stand out like a sore thumb.

This, I think, would be beneficial for everyone. You are less myopic in your faith, and you are forced to come to terms with the fact that few people share the same opinion as you. The way you live becomes paramount, because you ARE Jesus to these people.

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