Saturday, March 03, 2007

Silence Can Be A Good Thing

Saturday. A good day to sleep in and enjoy the many things that God has given you. Like sleep. Sleep is one of those wonderful gifts that just keeps on giving, every... single... night. So why cut it short? Sleep is such a wonderful thing, it lets your mind reflect on the events of the day and work through them, freeing your creative outlets into visual and emotional responses. It refreshes you, allowing you to function the following day. So why on earth would you cut it short?

I didn't cut my sleep short this morning. Not intentionally, but a complete accident. And once again I missed the 6AM Saturday prayer meeting. I can't say that when I go to sleep on a Friday night, the first thing that crosses my mind is "Oh goodie! I get to awaken at 6 AM tomorrow to pray!" My cynical side asks if it's holier to pray that early, or if prayers at 9 AM still beat rush-hour traffic to God. I haven't worked that one out yet.

So I'm definitely not in the good books, but I think I'm just getting used to that.

I left the BDC (Bethel Discipleship Centre, where I'm staying while in Fiji) around 1:30 to come to the Tanoa International. We're having a get together later this evening with a bunch of the pilots, and Jong has so kindly offered me his internet to use. So I left in absolutely pouring rain. It was fantastic. I have to walk about 1 KM from the roundabout (traffic circle) to the hotel, and when it pours, you have to be very careful to time your walking with the passing of cars and puddles. It's like a real live version of frogger! I'm not as cute as that green frog though.

Or am I? :)

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Jordan said...

definitely cuter!