Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You’re as Busy as You Want to Be

One of my friends recently told me these words. They are challenging in their own right, and to some degree hold validity to my current situation. I find myself frustrated because I came all this way, and I feel as though I am only here to cut grass and show up to youth events. Most of my week is free, with little structure to guide my energy. This alone is probably the most frustrating thing of coming all this way. I want to do something; I want to feel of use!

So when I talked to him about this, he shared these words with me. The question then, is how can I get busy? I’ve already committed to focusing the free parts of my days to finishing my school work so that I can graduate. While this is important, it isn’t one of the reasons I came this far. So it is time to take matters into my own hands. Time to stop standing idly by and wait for something to happen, but gamble a bit with my straightforwardness and see what God has in store.

I preach this Sunday in Lautoka, and I will make the proposition to them that I am willing to preach two Sunday Mornings out of the month at their church on top of my current schedule. This would help me focus my efforts, and engage in the culture in a real way. Perhaps it will pay off; perhaps God will close the door. I am willing to accept either avenue, but I would feel cheapened if I didn’t at least try.

Your prayers are felt, and my gratitude is owed. For the many of you who are constantly lifting me up in prayer, I thank you. Please continue to pray that God would guide my footsteps while I am here in Fiji. I want to honour Him with my whole being, in every thought, word and action. I would also ask that you pray for my return back to Canada, as I am unsure about work opportunities at this time.

I want to be busy, so I better put my actions where my mouth is. God, I’m willing. Send me.

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