Friday, March 02, 2007

You’re Behind the Wheel

My time here has really been teaching me that no matter where God has put you, He will not force you to follow His will. That lies entirely in your own hands. You have the choice to follow His will and His commands, or to walk in the other direction and turn your back on what He has to say to you. It’s really a frightening amount of power when you think about it. God will honour your free will, regardless of the harm you may cause.

Today was pretty run of the mill. I taught scripture in school this morning, and ran them through the beginning of the story of Joseph. I had the kids act out the various different times, and some of the classes did better than others. You still have to keep the lid on the fun in order to teach something, and there are times when that means playing the ‘bad guy.’ So some of them had to listen to me teach it normally because they weren’t able to be quiet!

The afternoon was spent working on my sermon, enjoying the pouring rain outside and playing squash at the sports club. It’s a great workout, counts for my Phys Ed, and is fun at the same time. That is a three-fold combination that you really just can’t beat.

We’ll see what the weekend holds.

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