Saturday, March 03, 2007


We do everything for a reason. Every single word, every action that we takes comes from a motive. There are times when we think this motive out in intricate detail, and times when we treat it like an unnecessary detail in the path to glorious world conquest. Whether it is academic or primal, our motives dictate our actions.

Today was a good reminder of my motives, my reasons. I was in the Natambua church in the morning. Jong picked me up right around 9 AM, and we went for Pancakes at a hotel right across from the airport. The pancakes were actually quite spectacular and filling. The church was much the same. The congregation at this church is an educated, with many of them being school teachers, lawyers, etc. And the service reflected that. Everything had its place, and every place had a reason for being there. The sermon did not mince words to insult intelligence, but delved deep into the methodology of the scripture and the undercurrents, then deftly applied it to Fijian culture. I was envious, because the last part of my homiletics is sorely lacking due to inexperience.

Jong and I picked up a pizza for lunch and went to Sebastien and Mimi’s to eat. Then we all went into town to Bulaccino for Gelato ice cream. Expensive, but refreshing. The main difference is that this ice cream is smooth as butter.

In the evening I preached at Nadi for the second time. It was nice to walk through the doors and be welcomed by the local people and be told that my presence was missed. Ken was down at the Lami church and Mary was absent for the service. Things went according to schedule, and God reminded me why I’m here... to learn and experience.

Preaching is one of those things where you never know what is going to come out until the sermon is over and done with. Sure, you spend hours preparing and crafting the message to speak plainly and clearly... but it is the Holy Spirit who takes those words and breathes life through them. Tonight did that for me, at least. I was comfortable preaching, and it was nice to share naturally from my own life and the experiences without feeling as though I had to prove anything.

And that... the ability to share what God has laid on my heart... is why I must always carry on. That is my reason.

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