Sunday, March 18, 2007

Influences and Experiences

Wow, it was a day of awesome experiences and new learning opportunities. The morning was of course started out with preaching in Lautoka. That, as I’m sure you have gauged is always a pleasant experience and this morning was no different. The environment was free and welcoming. The people friendly, and the service was conducted with an open spirit.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the service for me, however was not necessarily the spirit but the different components of me. There was a part of the service where people were welcomed to freely come to the front and share what God did in their life this past week. There was one lady there who specifically referenced my sermon on Joy from the previous week, which was a very humbling experience to know that your words were not only heard, but applied. A huge responsibility there!

During the afternoon, Jong invited me to a rehabilitation centre in Nadi. They take in young men over 18 who are drunk, addicted to narcotics, etc. Every Sunday afternoon they have a ‘coffee church’ where it is fairly informal, they have a band to play and a sermon. We were the only two non-Fijians in the room, which is always an interesting experience. But again, the spirit was open and willing and the theology was correct. It was neat to see Fijians doing church... their way. Lots of movement, lots of activity. Not unlike some church plants you get back home, either.

Who knows, I may be stopping in there a little more often to see what kind of ministry they do on a day-by-day basis. We’ll keep exploring opportunities as God reveals them to me slowly. And if I truly am willing, then I need to be willing to go where He sends me and take those opportunities He gives me. The next month and a half will hold some very interesting events, no doubt!

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