Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Eye of the Storm

There comes a time in all of our lives when you have to wait. It’s the last possible thing you want to do, but it also is out of necessity. In the midst of the storm of life that rages on around us, as the lightning of situations crash into the ground, ripping apart the path we thought we were going to take we have to learn to wait for the thunder to fade and get our bearings once more. We’re disorientated, lost, blind and deaf. And so you sit with both hands on the ground and wait for your bearings to come back to you. Then, and only then, can you stand up, survey your surroundings, and make an informed decision about how best to carry on to that distant city.

People are watching. They see you from behind and in front of you. Some of them have been there, and some only know that it is coming, but they are all curious. We deal with these situations differently, each of choosing our own solution to the problem. Advice is needed, but the decision is yours and yours alone. You are the one who takes the broken bones and the bruised muscles and carry them with you until they heal. Responsibility is yours.

And so I wait. I wait for this disorientation to clear. I wait for God to reveal to me what path He has left for me to take. I wait for His will to be known to me and those around me clearly once more. Here I wait, not wanting to make a hasty decision... in the eye of the storm.

Whatever decision I choose to make, there will be rain and lightning to walk through yet. It’s not a storm that has passed, but I’m right in the middle of it. There are gems, like the youth, the young adults, the children, and the opportunities I do have to preach. And there is the wind and the rain. So many different options, but it boils down to two simple choices: stay or go.

So I’ll wait; holding onto the Rock, praying that He will reveal Himself to me in the small gentle whisper. My desire is only to follow. Here in the eye of the storm.

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