Sunday, March 18, 2007

Culture Shock

Yup, I think I've hit it full on. That wonderful moment in time when you become disillusioned with a culture and you just want to go back home. Maybe it's the fact that I've been here two months. Maybe it's that I miss a lot of things from home. Maybe it's that I'm not here with a group or anyone who really understands many of the things I'm missing from back home.

The reality of the situation, however tells me that this is something to be expected. I should not be surprised in many different levels. From the culture shock, to the loneliness, because the enemy that we fight is not a stupid or naive one. He is cunning and dangerous, and will attack us in the places that it hurts most.

With this in mind, the message that I must once again push forward. Beyond the hurdles, beyond my own limitations, beyond what I would think reasonably possible into the outer limits. Places I have never been before, uncharted waters. I go because that is where I have been asked to go, destined to go. And so, I will lay aside my own pain in an effort to go where God wants me to go.

I only pray that He will give me the energy to stay the course.

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