Friday, March 23, 2007


Deep within us lies something we never knew was there. Something that hides deep within the crevasses, hoping that it won’t be noticed, hiding from any hint of light to break the dark. Even when we see it, we barely notice it, because the truth is that it is a part of us. That little something influences who we are. It’s our culture.

If you haven’t had the chance to get out of your culture (wherever or whatever that may be) I suggest you give it a spin, it’s an enlightening experience. Everything that you’ve ever taken for granted is suddenly put into question, from the way you say things, to what words you use to associate with particular objects. Not a single thing is sacred.

Nowhere does this become more true than when you’re dealing with church. I was supposed to run the youth tonight, but there was rain earlier in the day. Back home, this means we adjust our plans a little bit and make sure we’re inside. Here, it means the event is cancelled. Truly, there is very little that I understand about the way people are. The way that I might do things is no longer relevant, and the way that I look at the church would take years to sink in and make a difference. I’m only here for three months.

Being in another culture has so much to teach you. And despite what anyone might tell you, you have much to offer them. Don’t ever think that you have the one, true way to get something done. And don’t ever let someone tell you that your opinion is not valid... it simply isn’t true. I have been taught more about faith from children and curious youth than I have by scholars. Never stop asking those questions, never stop striving for more.

We all have our oddities. We all have our imperfections. This is what makes us human. This is what shows our need for Christ. This is both our greatest strength when we are together, and our greatest weakness when we relegate ourselves to solitary confinement. Let other people influence you, and in turn, influence other people. If you’re all seeking God, you’ll find a very cool median in there.

We are so odd....

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